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Heading 3

The SEEKER blends inspirational Visionary Fiction with Mythic Fiction in this epic reimagining of the tale of Icarus. In his plunge from glory, rather than perishing in the waters of the Aegean, Icarus is rescued by a passing mariner, fictional demigod Amitayus, who is unaware of his own divinity. The two embark on an epic odyssey, braving impediments only Zeus himself could whip up, as Amitayus seeks the truth that will earn him a place in Elysium. Told through the lens of Greek Classicism, The SEEKER puts a modern spin on classic archetypes that lend it unmatched spiritual resonance.

As individuals, we are products of the stories we’ve been exposed to. Collectively, humanity is the sum of its history. More potent than persuasion by far, storytelling changes minds by touching hearts. Contemporary buzzwords like Story and Narrative permeate popular culture, from the literary arena through cinema to social media, branding, advertising, political campaigning and propaganda. But why are we truly driven to tell stories in the first place, and how has story become the means by which we transform? 'LANGUAGE of the SOUL: How Story Became the Means By Which We Transform' explores the mechanics of catharsis, the Creative Process, the Artist’s Journey, the transformative power of narrative and what it is to be a born storyteller, with a call to action to embrace the power of STORY in our lives.

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